Service Line Replacement

If you need service line replacement equipment, please view our products below and be sure to direct any questions you may have to our staff. We can help you choose the correct replacement equipment for your needs. Contact us today.

Cables, Splitting Heads, and more

Cables, Splitting Heads, and more

  • Designed to replace water and gas service lines at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods.
  • New! Single cutting edge works effectively to split copper and lines by reducing resistance, allowing   more force to be applied to the cutting edge.
  • Many different sizes and designs of two and three blade heads.
  • Minimizes property damage and street disturbance.
  • Can be used with a backhoe, winch or truck.
  • Pulls out lead and galvanized lines.
  • New streamline connectors for replacement copper and PE lines.


The PD-2 is a hydraulic service line replacement tool made in the USA. This one-man operated steerable thrust boring machine is designed to install pipes from a basement out to the curb stop, or under driveways and narrow roads. The PD-2 works great for those service lines you need to install under front porches, walkways, flower beds or circular driveways. The use of this machine will greatly increase your job production and decrease the cost of property restoration.



The Pow-R Mole model PD-22 pipe bursting machine is a fast and efficient pipe replacement system offering a cost-effective alternative to open trench. This machine features a (12") stroke. Its unique non-slip, cylinder-activated jaws are designed to prevent cable damage. The PD-22 develops 14,000 lbs of pulling force at a rate of six feet per minute. The jaw system pulls a 3/8" pre-stretched swedged cable. This system is capable of splitting plastic, lead and copper pipes 3/4 to 2 inches in most compressible soils.


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