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At Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, we provide the latest technologies in sewer and service line location equipment. New technologies provide the most accurate results in locating underground services while still providing an easy-to-operate system. We also provide pipe monitoring equipment to detect leaks in air or water with more reliability and accuracy, making it easier than ever to finish your project.

Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions offers superior utility/camera locators, metal detectors, and other trenchless equipment. The following are what we have to offer:


When it comes to our trenchless material, like our Sonde and Camera locators, you will get a durable and lightweight device. These utility locators and metal detectors also have a push-button dept, a USB interface, field polarity, Triaxial 3D, color LCD display, and more.

Specifications of Each Product Model

Take a look at the distinct specifications of our trenchless supplies here at Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions:

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Utility Locators

  • vLoc3- Pro- 3D antennas and a 4.3″ full-color display
  • vLoc3-5000- a custom lithium-ion battery pack, USB data transfer cable, 100-240V AC mains charger, and 6 x AA Alkaline battery holder
  • vLoc3-9800- shipping weight at 10.2lbs without transmitter, shipping Dimension 16.5in(L) x 11in(W) x 27.6in(H) without transmitter
  • vLoc3-ML(Marker Locator)- Triaxial 3D architecture and a built-in antenna for EM marker locating
  • vm-810/vm-850- 6 x “D” cell alkaline batteries and rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries.
  • vm-550/vm-560/vm-585- IP54 rated weather resistant, digital display
  • vScan- a metal cover locating mode, a canvas carry bag, and a huge, high resolution, high contrast dot matrix display

Sonde and Camera Locators

  • vLoc3-Cam- 16.5in(L) x 11in(W) x 27.6in(H)
  • vm-540- two AA alkaline batteries, a soft carry bag, and a push-button depth
  • vScan- dual frequency transmitter and data logging
Metal Detectors

Metal Detectors

  • vm-880- carbon fiber reinforced antenna tube, 43in(L) x 2.5n(W) x 2.6in(H), and a digital display


With these trenchless products, you will gain:

  • More detection accuracy and reliability
  • Easy-to-operate trenchless technology
  • Simplification in locating certain pipes in large underground areas
  • Faster completion of a project

For more information about these trenchless technologies and more, contact us today. We have been providing these trenchless supplies for over 60 years. Learn more about how our equipment can help you by giving us a call today or filling out the online form. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about any of our products.

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