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Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions makes sure to provide high-quality products that rely on trenchless technology. Every piece of service line replacement equipment is USA-made and has enabled companies around the globe to complete tough jobs faster and more efficiently and at a lower cost.

If you need service line replacement equipment, please view our trenchless products below and be sure to direct any questions you may have to our staff. We can help you choose the correct replacement equipment for your needs. Contact us today.

Pow-R Mole Service Line Replacement Equipment

Here is a list of materials that make the most of trenchless technologies and accessories that significantly improve job production and minimize costs in property restoration:

Cables, Splitting Heads, and more

Cables, Splitting Heads, and more

This line of water and gas line trenchless technology includes two and three-blade designs and features the new single-edge cutting product that reduces resistance and allows for increased cutting-edge force. These materials will pull galvanized and lead lines and replace PE and copper lines with a winch, truck or backhoe.



This hydraulic thrust boring machine is steerable by a single operator and is a great solution for replacing or installing service lines under yards, flower beds, porches, driveways or walkways.



Our Pow-R Mole pipe bursting trenchless equipment has a 12-inch pull stroke and pulls six feet per minute at 14,000 pounds of force, resulting in efficient and fast service line replacement. The PD-22 also features cable-protecting cylinder-activated jaws, which pull pre-stretched 3/8-inch swedged cable and splits lead, plastic and copper pipes at a 3/4 to 2-inch diameter in many compressible soils.

Minimize Surface Impact with Pow-R Mole

As a manufacturer, trainer, and provider of durable trenchless supplies with 60 years and more of experience behind it, Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions has helped utility companies, plumbers, and contractors and more complete jobs more efficiently and knowledgeably with minimized downtime and maximized profits. You can expect long-lasting benefits when you count on our team for all your non-invasive solutions needs.

Reach out to Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions to learn more about our full suite of trenchless materials by calling us or filling out the online form.

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