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For over 60 years, Pow-R Mole Solutions has been a manufacturer and provider of US-made trenchless materials, including our line of pneumatic piercing tools, which have enabled utility companies, developers, municipalities, and plumbers around the world maximize efficiency and productivity.

Take a look at the trenchless equipment we have to offer. These tools have many nick-names (hole hogs, missiles, bullets, horizontal jackhammers, piercing tools, pneumatic piercing tools, moles, pow-r moles, and many others).  Whatever you call em, we carry them in a wide range of both fixed and reciprocating head options ranging from 1.75” to 7”.

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Pow-R Mole Pneumatic Underground Piercing Tools

Also known as hole hogs, moles, bullets, missiles, horizontal jackhammers, pow-r moles, and others, our wide range of trenchless equipment includes Allied Piercing Tools, Hudco Pneumatic Piercing Tools, and TT Grundomat Pneumatic Piercing Tools. These feature reciprocating and fixed head options that range from 1.75” to 7”.

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Our Pow-R Mole Pneumatic Piercing Tools and comprehensive range of trenchless equipment, products, and accessories are engineered for simplicity and durability, keeping down-time to a minimum while maximizing profits. And our team of trainers and knowledgeable support staff will work with you to ensure you understand every aspect of your Pow-R Mole trenchless equipment and proactively resolve difficult projects in the field.

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