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Part of our line of trenchless equipment here at Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions are high-quality pipe inspection and duct rodders. These are essential to understanding conditions in all pipeline scenarios, from residential lines to municipal systems, and tracing live lines and non-conductive conduits.

The following are some of the trenchless products that help companies around the world resolve structural problems and pipe defects.

Pow-R Mole Pipe Inspection Systems and Duct Rodders

At Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, you can expect that our line of pipe inspection equipment incorporates the latest in trenchless technologies:

vCamMX-2 Mini Camera System

vCamMX-2 Mini Camera System

This flexible system is designed especially for plumbing contractors and can cover indoor drains, residences, indoor commercial lines, and lateral lines up to a diameter of four inches. The tough ABS injection-molded and stainless-steel housing include the latest in trenchless technology for imagery and recording.

vCam-6 HD Inspection System

vCam-6 HD Inspection System

This Vivax-Metrotech system can carry out inspections for residential plumbing, municipal collection systems, indoor commercial lines, and lateral pipelines with a diameter of three to eight inches. Its rugged and lightweight camera-system profile is adapted particularly to harsh lateral-inspection conditions in sewers.


Jameson Duct Rodder

The Pow-R Mole line of Jameson trenchless products for conductive and non-conductive lines range from 1/8”-100' to 7/16”-1,000'. They use cable and pipe equipment to trace the rod length and are built from a fiberglass rod and a non-conductive polymer sheath, which protects against abrasion and provides for uncommon bending strength.

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