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Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions has 60 years’ experience as a manufacturer and provider of USA-made trenchless equipment, including pipe fusion, welding, and scraping equipment for onsite pipe fusion, maintenance, and repair, helping expedite production and keep costs low.

View some of our pipe fusion products, equipment, and accessories we have listed below.

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Ritmo Butt Fusion Machines


These manual fusion and jobsite welders are characterized by minimum dimensions, reduced weight and versatility and are designed for welding ells, tees and other fittings:

Ritmo RAM-14 / Delta 160

Ritmo RAM-26 / Delta 200


Ritmo Elektra Electrofusion Machines


Both universal and high-performance trenchless technologies for welding pipes and fittings for water, gas or other transport systems:

Ritmo Elektra Light

Ritmo Elektra 500

Ritmo Elektra 1000


Ritmo RTC Electrofusion Pipe Scrapers


This rotary-scraper trenchless technology is designed to remove oxidation layers in preparation for electrofusion welding of pipes and fittings:

Ritmo RTC 160

Ritmo RTC 315

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All our Pow-R Mole trenchless materials are made in the USA for durability and simplicity, improving efficiency and productivity for clientele around the world. Our team is dedicated to comprehensive training and customer support, helping resolve tough projects in the field.

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