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Directional boring, also known as horizontal directional drilling, is a type of low-impact method using surface-based trenchless equipment for installing pipes, cable, or conduits along a slight curve or grade. The two terms are distinct, however. Directional boring refers to smaller-diameter bores over shorter distances while horizontal directional drilling, or HDD, indicates larger diameters and longer distances.

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Directional Boring and HDD Equipment

Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions is the top provider of horizontal directional drilling equipment and guidance systems, which include:

PD-2 – A one-man controlled machine with steering designed to make installations from basements and under porches, yards, driveways, and narrow roads.

PD-4 – Designed specifically for operation from limited spaces and in rough soil conditions under areas that can’t be disturbed, such as roads, the PD-4 has a 37,714-lb thrust force at 3,000 psi, installing 6-inch ID pipe up to 9 feet per minute.

PD-6 – Also designed to work from small spaces and in difficult soil, the PD-6 also works with pipe bursting or directional thrust boring. It has an 84,822-lb thrust force at 3,000 psi and installs 8-inch ID pipe at 7 feet per minute.

The PD-4 and PD-6 horizontal directional drilling tools use digital steering and Digital Detection Technology with target-in-the-box locating and real-time readouts to determine their location within inches. The PD-2 and PD-6 both have analog steering capability and Analog Detection Technology, allowing them to determine position within inches and steer around pipes and foundations.

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