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Top-NotchTrenchless Products from Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions

Top-NotchTrenchless Products from Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions

For over 60 years, Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions has been the industry leader in trenchless equipment and other quality products that increase efficiency and productivity for municipalities, utilities, contractors, plumbers, and contractors around the world.

A Full Range of Trenchless Products

A Full Range of Trenchless Products

We offer a wide range of trenchless equipment for sale or for daily, weekly and monthly rental and lease and lease to purchase along with team repair and service. Take a look at what we have to offer:

We provide an array rock and boring machines, including the Bor-It, Mighty Max 12 and the Straightline RockEye Hammer

The PD-22, PD-33m and PD-7 trenchless machines ensure efficient replacement of outdated or failing gas, water or sewer lines

The PD-2, PD-4 and PD-6 line replacement tools are compatible with digital and analog trenchless technologies.

Our range pipe fusion equipment, products, and trenchless materials and accessories, include the Ritmo Ram-14/Delta 160, Ritmo Elektra Light and Ritmo RTC 160 - Pipe Scraper trenchless products

Our HDD guidance systems and accessories, which include Straightline HDD, Railhead Underground Products and Baroid Drilling Fluids

These are the vCamMX-2, vCam-6 HD inspection equipment, and the Jameson Duct Rodder, which handle a range of tasks, from residential drains and plumbing to municipal collection systems and live gas and water line tracing

These use digital and analog steering technology that establishes head location within inches, including Digital Detection trenchless technology on the PD-4 and 6 with target-in-the-box location information, orientation, pitch, depth and more and Analog Detection Technology on the PD-4 through 6, which transmits operator information from the 32.8 kHz Transmitter/Sonde

Pow-R Mole service line and sewer location trenchless technology and pipe monitoring equipment, which include utility locators, sonde and camera locators and metal detectors

These Mini, Stinger and Portable Power Unit standalone trenchless products convert mechanical work into hydraulic energy

Innovative materials and rehabilitation techniques, including cured-in-place lining, to restore pipes that are failing due to deposits, age or corrosion

We provide a wide variety of pumps, from vortex flow and solid handling to centrifugal screw pumps, including the Hydra-Tech S2TC-2, S3T and ST4

Allied, Hudco and TT Grundomat piercing tools, also known as “moles” or “bullets”, with fixed and reciprocating options, from 1.75” to 7”

Pin Pointing, Pre-location and Zone Measurement based on SebaKMT trenchless technology for fast-action leak detection

These PD-2 and PD-22 along with splitting heads, cables and more are for such projects as pipe bursting and water, gas and hydraulic service line replacement

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Our line of products and trenchless supplies are manufactured in the USA to feature durability and simplicity. Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions specializes in proactive training and continuous customer support. Call us today or fill out the online form to schedule your appointment or to learn more about our full suite of products.

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