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When a homeowner calls your company about a damaged 0.75- to 2.0-inch service line, choosing the right tool for the job is essential since it increases your productivity and customer satisfaction rates. At Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, our PD-22 pipe bursting materials facilitate fast water and gas line replacement. With this system, a small crew can quickly replace damaged pipes with minimal disruption and long-lasting results.

Split and Replace Old Pipes

With the PD-22, your crew can split and burst lead, copper, or plastic pipes. The PD-22 cuts the time requirement for the pipe bursting process in half because it also pulls the new pipe into place while bursting and displacing the old one. The cable pulling the new pipe features a super-swaged end for enhanced durability.

Work in Confined Spaces

When working on small-diameter service lines, your team needs pipe bursting supplies and tools with a small footprint. The PD-22 features a 30 square-inch footprint. The system’s dual-jaw retraction allows it to perform a full stroke even within a confined space. Its power unit requires a space of 22 inches long by 17 inches wide.

High-powered and Flexible Design

Despite its small size for pipe bursting equipment, the PD-22 delivers considerable power. It pulls 15,000 pounds at 2,350 pounds per square inch of pressure. The maximum pulling rate of 3.0 feet per minute helps your team complete the pipe bursting project in less time. The PD-22 installs 2-inch pipes in any type of compressible soil, giving you the flexibility to serve more customers.

When you need a cost-effective alternative to excavating your client’s property, the PD-22 delivers outstanding results. Its easy setup, power, small footprint, and durable design make it a top choice among trenchless pipe rehabilitation specialists. For more product specifications and technical details about the PD-22 or any of our other equipment, contact us today at Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions.


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