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Trenchless technology has transformed the pipeline industry. This method consists of repairing damaged pipes without doing any extensive excavations. For example, pipe bursting equipment uses a special nozzle to break the pipe to pieces while moving through it. The leftover pieces are pushed into the surrounding ground.

That is why many prefer the trenchless method over traditional digging. Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions understands the importance of staying competitive in this industry by investing in quality equipment. We help our clients 

Complete Jobs Faster

When carrying out a pipe bursting job, you need the right pipe bursting materials. This technique requires digging an access point and inserting a burst head through the host sewer line. It also uses one of the most robust lateral bursting systems.

For instance, hydraulic pumps are necessary when using this system. It is also essential that you get a heavy-duty one. Hydraulic pumps allow for the completion of a job faster.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Sometimes, you may be thrown a curveball  while performing a trenchless method. Anything can happen on the job, and you must be prepared. It helps to invest in a variety of high-quality pipe bursting supplies.

At Pow-R Mole, we offer a range of top materials for your minimally invasive service needs. This includes the PD-22 pipe bursting machine for a fast and efficient pipe replacement system. This features a (12″) stroke with its unique non-slip, cylinder-activated jaws to prevent cable damage. We also offer the PD-33M compact pipe bursting machine when you need to replace existing underground pipes.

Get Better Results

Pipeline companies need a variety of materials to make repairs. The availability of tools can determine the outcome of the repair. The resin is used on the liner to create a new pipe. It also helps to use a quality resin. The better the quality results in a more durable pipe. If you use a lower quality resin, then the repair may not last as long.

You never want to provide subpar work, which is why you should not skimp on quality. You want to build a good reputation and satisfy your customers. Quality equipment allows you to finish jobs while being happy with the end results quickly. Contact Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions to come out for an inspection and to repair the damage.


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