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Over the last few decades, trenchless technology has been improving and has become a staple for septic and plumbing providers. The trenchless approach offers several key advantages that property owners should carefully consider before making a final decision about their repair, maintenance, or replacement project.

Get Perspective with Remote Diagnostics

Remote diagnostic and inspection tools are invaluable additions to any trenchless equipment lineup. The ability to effectively examine the interior of buried lines and sewer infrastructure is really foundational to other trenchless services. Without good information about the situation under the ground, it’s difficult to deploy the right tools to address the problem.

Power to Make It Happen

Trenchless products need to be small enough to fit through relatively small access holes, but also strong enough to power through years of dirt, tree roots, and other obstructions. That’s why Pow-R Mole equipment, like our pipe bursting and hydraulic tools, have a lot of power packed in small packages. Strong tools allow plumbing teams to quickly and effectively clear out pipes so they can get to work on the lining solution.

Flexible Solutions and Alternatives

Another reason property owners can rely on trenchless supplies is their incredible versatility. Developments in the technology have opened up a lot of new types of tools, configurations, and options that make them suitable for almost any kind of repair or maintenance work.

Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions is your top source of strong, reliable, and versatile equipment. We are confident that they will be a valuable part of any trenchless tool chest. Please contact us to learn more about our exciting range of products and services!


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