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If there are two words that would perfectly describe the Mighty Max 12, they are “petite” and “powerful.” Of course, the petite description is relative to similar types of trenchless equipment and heavy machinery. This auger boring machine was made to provide a compact solution to one of the biggest problems on work sites.

Power in a Pinch

This unit is engineered to provide a lot of power in a small package. It was specifically designed to address some of the major challenges trenchless technologies face in difficult terrain. It is much easier to position than other boring machines of comparable power, thanks to its smaller dimensions and weight.

The Mighty Max 12 is equipped with a Danfoss motor that delivers up to 80 RPM at a range of 18 to 28 GPM. The boring machine itself exercises 25,000 pounds of thrust and 2,500 PSI of pressure to break through almost any underground obstacle.

A Rugged Exterior

Like all trenchless products and tools, a rugged exterior is always an asset when exposed to harsh environments. The Mighty Max 12 can hold its own on tough work sites thanks to a steel coating that resists rust and corrosion. It also comes with stabilizing leg strips and spring-centered controlled valves to improve handling.

Accessories for Any Occasion

Versatility is just as important as power and speed when it comes to trenchless materials, which is why this technology is designed with plenty of accessories. Notable product modifications include track extensions for adaptability and a wide range of casing diameters to accommodate various types of boring applications.

Get Mighty Trenchless Solutions

The Mighty Max 12 can quickly earn its place in your equipment line-up if you often face difficult terrain that hinders the operation of heavy boring machinery. It packs a powerful punch and is accessible to teams of any size thanks to its simplified control interface and easy setup.

Our Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions team is always happy to provide technical specifications and answer questions about our equipment. Contact us to learn more about our innovative range of products and services.


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