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In the past, fixing a pipe meant digging a long, wide trench or tearing out walls, ceilings, and floors. With trenchless equipment, your crew can rehabilitate pipes without so much disruption and disturbance to residential or commercial properties.

Let’s take a look at why our team at Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions prefers trenchless technology.

Preserve Infrastructure

Many of the costs associated with traditional pipe rehabilitation result from the extensive restoration that must take place after the repairs. Digging trenches requires the removal of driveways, sidewalks, roads, parking lots, underground structures, and more. Trenchless repairs allow infrastructure to remain in place. We offer quality trenchless products, including cameras, that ensure accuracy and precision when deploying equipment underground.

Lower Costs

A small investment in trenchless supplies and equipment now quickly pays off for your plumbing business. The durable equipment delivers years of use. You won’t have to rent excavation equipment. Trenchless technology only requires a small crew, so you can assist more customers and pass the savings on to them. A smaller crew size also means lower labor costs on each project. Affordable pricing and high-quality work yield many word-of-mouth recommendations.

Restore Any Pipe

Trenchless technology works in almost every soil type. It also works on nearly all pipe materials and sizes. Your crew can use the equipment in nearly any weather condition. In small, confined work areas, the small footprint of trenchless pipe rehabilitation equipment ensures maneuverability. The use of trenchless technologies keeps your crew and the public safe since the equipment only uses one access point.

With trenchless technology, your plumbing business can assist more customers. The equipment we offer allows your crew to stay safe and perform high-quality, accurate, and precise work on every project. Reach out to us at Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, and we’ll ensure that you have all the technology you need to serve your residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal clients.


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