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Pipe bursting isn’t the only choice for tackling many common pipe problems, but it’s often the most cost-effective one. Property owners have several different considerations to balance when accepting a proposed solution, which typically includes immediate and long-term costs. It’s up to the plumbers to know their products and solutions well enough to help clients make the right decision about their system.

Replacement that Avoids Excavation

With the right pipe bursting supplies, plumbers can essentially lay a new line without excavation. This gives it a distinct edge compared to other relining solutions that can only work within and along existing lines. Minimizing the need to dig means less disruption to the property and less restoration work after the project, which is good news for plumbers and clients alike.

Making Room for the Future

One of the reasons why pipe bursting equipment and practices are cost-effective is their ability to make room for the future. This method is the only type of trenchless rehabilitation that can preserve or even expand the hydraulic capacity of the line. All other methods ultimately shrink the diameter of the pipe, even if just by a fraction, because they expand to fit the interior.

Preserving hydraulic capacity is a long-term consideration in most cases, but it does have implications for cost efficiency. This is particularly important if the overall usage is already near the limit and is expected to continue or increase moving forward.

Pack Power with Bursting Equipment

The key to pipe rehabilitation is having tools with the right combination of power, efficiency, and compactness. Different pieces of equipment, like the PD-22 and PD-33M, are engineered to handle different types of soil types, diameter ranges, and digging demands. As long as you have the right tools for the job, then you are ready to provide cost-effective solutions to customers.

Pow-R Mole is here to help equip plumbing contractors with exceptional pipe bursting materials, supplies, and equipment. Please contact us today to learn more about the technical details of our products and other information you need to choose the best equipment!


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