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When your customers have deteriorated pipes that can’t be relined, pipe bursting is an economical and smart choice to rehabilitate their plumbing. The efficient pipe bursting process delivers long-lasting results when you use pipe bursting equipment from Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions.

If you’re new to offering pipe bursting services, here’s what makes this process unlike any other method of pipe rehabilitation.

Maintain Full Pipe Capacity

Pipe relining reduces the diameter of the pipe. This means that the pipe won’t be able to handle as much wastewater. With pipe bursting, the old, deteriorated pipe is broken and pushed out of the way while a new pipe of the same–or even larger–diameter is installed at the same time.

No Excavation Required

Pipe bursting supplies don’t require extensive excavation. You only need two access pits. One pit allows you to insert the bursting head and new pipe and the other facilitates the removal of the bursting head. These pits can be existing sewer clean-outs, manholes, or other such openings.

Fast Restoration of Sewer Service

Your customers don’t want to wait for days for their plumbing service to be fixed. Our pipe bursting materials allow you to complete the job within mere hours. Customers benefit from fast restoration of their sewer service.

Compatible With All Pipe Materials

Customers with older properties may have clay tile or cast iron pipes Buildings and homes built in the mid-1900s may have concrete or clay pipes, and newer properties usually have PVC pipes. The bursting process works on all pipe materials.

Pipe bursting allows you to provide excellent service to residential and commercial customers. The process takes less than one day to complete a full repair. To learn more about what sets pipe bursting apart from other pipe repair methods, reach out to us at Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions today!


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