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When your project requires placing a pipe or conduit under an expansive roadway, body of water, or other sensitive environment or infrastructure, most contractors recommend the use of horizontal directional drilling equipment. At Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, we offer cost-effective HDD products that boost your productivity, worksite safety, and efficiency. Our equipment comes highly recommended by trenchless industry professionals for many reasons.

Protect Existing Infrastructure

Removing asphalt or concrete involves considerable time and expense. With directional boring, your contractors can avoid this time-consuming and costly endeavor. Our equipment allows you to create a micro-tunnel underneath existing infrastructure. The equipment and the small diameter of the tunnel do not cause any harm to roadways, bridges, parking lots, and other surface features.

Preserve Sensitive Environments

HDD equipment preserves the integrity of sensitive environments. If your application requires placing a pipe or conduit under a body of water, nature preserve, or animal sanctuary, your contractors can’t bring in heavy equipment or dig a trench. Our equipment allows you to install utility lines without disrupting plants, wildlife, soil, or bodies of water. Contractors find it easier to obtain work permits with our HDD solutions.

Enhanced Accuracy and Precision

When you begin a conduit or pipeline installation, you want to get the work done right the first time. The accuracy and precision of our HDD thrusting equipment means you will be on target to reach the intended location. You won’t have to recalibrate, measure again, or redo the process. Our guidance systems ensure that the equipment gets to the desired place, even if it has to work around obstacles. Our equipment endures tough environmental conditions without sacrificing the tunneling speed.

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