Which Accessories Are Best for a Well-Rounded Piercing Tool System?

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When your conduit installation project relies on pneumatic piercing tools for accuracy and precision, your choice of accessories become crucial. After all, having the right ones makes the job go as smoothly as possible. At Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, we offer a range of accessories for Grundomat and Hudco piercing tools. 

Let’s take a look at which accessories are the best for a well-rounded piercing tool system.

Aim and Launch Kit

Spend less time in the field positioning the Grundomat pneumatic piercing tools when you use the aim and launch kit. This kit includes a telescoping aiming frame. A surveyor’s stake and anchor stakes keep the frame and tool in the desired position before you begin the piercing process. This kit’s starting cradle keeps your hands free while you set up the equipment.

Lubrication Solutions

The heavy-duty lubricator delivers continuous lubrication to your Grundomat piercing tools. For less intense lubrication needs, try the in-line lubricator. We also offer containers of synthetic Grundo-Oil lubricant for use in all seasons of weather and all types of Grundomat tools. Lubricator assemblies for Hudco pneumatic piercing tools reduce the need to stop and add lubricant in the middle of a project.

Grundoair Compressor

Power your heavy-duty Grundomat piercing tool with this air compressor. It features a small footprint and easy portability. You can also use it to power two smaller Grundomat tools at the same time. Its corrosion-resistant, all-weather case and minimal setup time make it an ideal accessory for remote worksites.

Increase the efficiency of your conduit installation project with pneumatic underground piercing tools and accessories by Hudco and Grundomat. These tools offer compatibility with the equipment and expand your range of services.

For more details on which accessories to have on hand for your upcoming projects, contact us at Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions any time!


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