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Pipe bursting is an approach to pipe restoration done by breaking up a damaged underground pipe and pushing it downward. Specially designed pipe bursting equipment available from Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions is used to simultaneously insert a new pipe in the same space. Today, we’re going to focus on when you should consider pipe bursting as an option.

Pipes Are Severely Damaged or Collapsed

Pipe bursting is often discussed along with trenchless pipe lining, but there are important differences. In order for pipe lining to be effective, the affected pipe must still be structurally stable. However, if the sewer line has collapsed or if the damage is severe, pipe bursting is another less invasive solution to consider.

There’s a Desire to Avoid Excavation

While excavation has its place, many property owners prefer to avoid this approach to pipe replacement whenever possible. The good news is that pipe bursting can achieve the same goal of replacing a damaged sewer line without the need for traditional excavation. What this does is avoid the need for extensive cleanup efforts once the work is done.

Efficiency Is a Priority

Traditional methods of repair can involve several days without a working sewer system. This can be extremely inconvenient for some households or commercial facilities. With the right pipe bursting materials, the work is often completed within the same day, which can mean little disruption to normal routines and operations.

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What we do at Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions is provide access to top-quality pipe bursting supplies and equipment. As you can see from what was discussed above, the process of pipe bursting offers many benefits, plus it can be done in a way that’s less time-consuming and more budget-pleasing.
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