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Horizontal directional drilling, also called augering, allows your contractors to install new conduits or utility lines without causing a major impact on the surface of the soil. This efficient method of pipe and cable installation reduces costs, saves time, and minimizes the need for restorations. Our associates at Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions recommend the directional boring process for many situations.

High-Traffic Areas

The expansion of high-speed internet via fiber optic cable allows more people to work and study from home. Utility installation and upgrades in neighborhoods and communities facilitate additional growth and development. When installing the conduits or pipes through traditional methods pose a threat that could disrupt business traffic, mass transit, and public safety, we recommend the use of our horizontal directional drilling tools for a trenchless pipeline or conduit installation.

Long-distance Utility Installations

Connecting new neighborhoods or remote locations to fiber optic internet and phone presents a considerable logistical challenge. Similarly, installing new natural gas, petroleum, water, or electrical lines also requires a lot of resources. Horizontal directional drilling equipment works well for long-distance utility installations. The equipment works on pipes up to 2 meters in diameter and over distances of up to 6,000 feet.

Sensitive Environmental Conditions

Many local, state, and federal laws prohibit trenching in environmentally sensitive areas. These areas include wetlands, migratory paths, streams, rivers, bogs, and lakes. When utilities need to pass through these areas, HDD equipment allows the crew to install the conduit or pipeline without contaminating groundwater, draining bodies of water, or disturbing migratory and nesting habitats.

The HDD process protects the environment and preserves the usual level of traffic, business activity, and safety. When horizontal directional drilling is an option and you need to place an order for HDD thrusting equipment, turn to Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions.

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