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Pipe bursting is a popular method for removing and replacing damaged gas, sewer, and water lines. With this method, you can eliminate up to 95% of the excavation required for traditional methods of pipe rehabilitation. At Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, we offer everything you need for a successful pipe bursting project.

When you’re choosing pipe bursting equipment for your business, look for these products and features.

Ergonomic Design

Look for pipe bursting supplies and equipment with an ergonomic design. A good gripping system not only increases comfort for your team in the field but also enhances safety–especially when they’re working in tough conditions. Equipment with ergonomic features is easier to lubricate and maintain, so it won’t take as long to clean up after the project.

Ample Power

Although every pipe bursting job should begin with a video inspection, unexpected issues can arise during any pipe rehabilitation project. You’ll need pipe bursting materials and equipment with plenty of power to burst through a valve or an area with hard mineral scale. Our PD-22 offers 14,000 pounds of pulling force, and we also offer slitter heads that you can swap out with the bursting heads if you encounter valves or other irregularities in a pipe.

Modular Components

Every project you take on is bound to be different. Your pipe bursting products should offer enough versatility to handle anything that may come up. Our PD-33 offers modular components that make it easy to accommodate unusual pipe configurations and difficult field conditions.

Investing in the right pipe bursting equipment and supplies helps every job go as smoothly as possible. You’ll deliver faster, accurate, and reliable results that last for a long time when you choose top-quality supplies and equipment for pipe bursting services.

For more details about what your pipe bursting products should have, reach out to us at Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions today!


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