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When you need to install conduits or pipes under a customer’s sidewalk, driveway, or some other obstacle, pneumatic piercing tools by Hudco are a wise choice. These piercing tools offer the kind of power and durability that you need in tough soil and field conditions. On top of that, they’re accurate, precise, and easy to use.

Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions proudly offers these quality pneumatic tools for all of your trenchless pipe rehabilitation needs!

Complete Projects Quickly

Piercing tools by Hudco offer a quick setup time. They can be operated with a small crew size, so you can complete projects quickly. These tools easily penetrate heavy soil without overheating or breaking down.

Achieve Accurate Results

Accurate results are easy to achieve with Hudco pneumatic piercing tools. These tools allow you to install pipe and conduit along a predefined path underground. Work around swamps, ponds, ravines, creeks, roads, sidewalks, foundations, trees, and more without disturbing them.

Expand Service Capacity

Hudco’s pneumatic piercing tools allow you to install conduits or pipes 10 to 150 feet in length. They can be used in any type of displaceable soil. Choose available accessories, such as adaptable hoses and ends, expanders, lubricator assemblies, and lubricants for different head types and sizes.

Maximize Productivity and Safety

When you use pneumatic underground piercing tools to install conduits or pipes, no trenches are required. This saves your crew a lot of time in the field, and you can complete more projects in the end. This trenchless method keeps your crew safe–especially in tough field conditions like rain or shifting soil.

Pneumatic tools for piercing make quick work of otherwise labor-intensive projects. Your customers will be pleased with the accuracy, precision, and cost-effectiveness of your work. For more information about Hudco and Grundomat pneumatic piercing tools, contact us at Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions today!


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