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Before your crew can take any action on a pipe, you need to inspect it thoroughly. Using the right pipe inspection equipment makes all the difference in accurately locating, identifying and repairing a pipe.

When you choose Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions’ trusted pipe inspection equipment to augment your existing trenchless technology, here’s what you can expect.

Rugged Design

The weather can take a turn at the drop of a dime. What begins as a mild, sunny day could quickly turn into a windy, rainy, or extremely hot or cold situation. Our pipe inspection equipment features a rugged, durable design. The stainless steel housing and injection molding can resist corrosion, rust, and water damage. Our VCAM 6-HD system offers a sapphire lens that doesn’t cloud and won’t scratch.

Quick Setup

The sturdy base of our pipe inspection camera reels prevents tipping and falling. Two wheels make these trenchless products easy to transport across uneven terrain. The four padded legs keep the equipment level even when pulling on the cable. The ease of use and quick setup means minimal downtime and simple cleanup upon completion of the inspection.

Detailed Information

Our pipe inspection equipment offers a touchscreen LCD and a built-in microphone. This allows you to record what you see. Each recording includes a date and time stamp for accountability and documentation purposes. The built-in Wi-Fi and 1 TB hard drive facilitates sharing of the images and audio you record with these trenchless supplies. Your customers will appreciate the proof of your findings and will be able to see the condition of the pipe for themselves.

Pipe inspection equipment sets the stage for a successful, cost-effective and long-lasting pipe rehabilitation or installation project. At Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, we specialize in high-quality trenchless equipment for municipal, residential and commercial projects.

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