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It’s one thing to repair a damaged subsurface pipeline, but actually replacing a pipe without having to excavate requires a whole new level of technology. We here at Pow-R Mole are experts when it comes to modern pipe bursting methods, and we offer a complete line-up of pipe bursting supplies that allow plumbers and sewer repair technicians to make quick work of even daunting, complicated projects.

Complete Pipeline Replacement

Pipe bursting borrows horizontal drilling technology from the mining industry and uses it as one step in the process of replacing old, damaged or outdated pipelines. A specially designed drill bit breaks up the old pipe and scatters it into the adjacent soil. New piping is attached to the back of the drill bit and pulled into the location of the old pipe as the bit moves forward.

Minimal Excavation Required

Pipe bursting equipment is designed to be strong enough to power through metal and soil yet compact enough to operate from a small trench or pit. This means that the excavation needed for a pipe bursting project is limited to just a few feet instead of the dozens or even hundreds of feet that are required when digging up an entire pipeline.

Fast and Cost-Effective

Modern pipe bursting is generally faster and easier to perform than old-school pipe replacement. This is especially true in areas where excavation work is difficult due to property development, landscaping or construction. The process is also reasonably inexpensive when compared with other techniques.

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