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Bring the many benefits of completing pipe and utility installation in a much more efficient way to your customers by turning to Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions for top-quality horizontal directional drilling equipment. Below, we point out some of the things that set HDD apart from other methods.


HDD equipment is designed to work with materials that typically have a longer lifespan, which results in added pipe durability and strength. Plus, a greater accuracy with placement improves durability, especially with more challenging installations location-wise.

Faster Installation

Directional boring produces the same results without the need for a traditional open-cut to complete installation. There is also less dirt displaced, which further boosts efficiency. The end result is faster installation and much-appreciated time savings. What’s more, fewer permits are typically needed – further contributing to faster installation.

Lower Cost and Less Disruption

Horizontal directional drilling tools and related processes ultimately contribute to lower costs since less labor is needed. This means fewer technicians are needed for each project. Costs are also curbed by eliminating the need for heavy equipment rental. Plus, there’s less surface disruption with HDD. This translates to no big post-project cleanup to deal with!

Less Soil Contamination

Horizontal directional drilling equipment pushes soil to the side instead of bringing it to the surface. Therefore, there’s much less risk of having issues with soil contamination above the surface from what may be in below-ground soil. The HDD process also minimizes the possibility of contaminated soil getting into pipes.

Find What You Need Right Here

Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions offers an assortment of top-quality horizontal directional drilling tools. We have everything you’ll need to pass along the many benefits of horizontal directional drilling to your customers.

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