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If you need new subsurface water or sewer pipe or you’ve been experiencing water or sewer line problems, the team at Pow-R Mole may be able to help. We offer professional directional boring and drilling services that are highly effective when used to install new pipelines and repair or replace damaged underground pipes.

Uses for Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal directional drilling tools and the HDD process were first developed for use in mining, but they have grown in popularity among plumbing and utility companies because they offer a way to install and replace pipes and utility conduits without large-scale surface excavation and destruction of property. These techniques are especially effective in highly developed areas and urban settings.

Understanding Horizontal Directional Drilling Equipment

HDD equipment generally consists of a specially configured horizontal drilling rig and drill bits that are selected based upon the type of substructure that is likely to be encountered. Excavating equipment may also be required to dig pits at the operation’s starting and completion points.

Identifying the exact location of the pipeline that will be installed or replaced is the first step of the HDD process. Small pits are dug at each end of the proposed drilling operation, and HDD thrusting equipment is employed to perform the excavation and pull a new or replacement pipe into place. As the drilling proceeds, the direction is monitored using test pits or other control methods. After the drilling work is completed, the new pipeline is tied into the existing connections, and the excavated areas are filled in.

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