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Trenchless rehabilitation is an increasingly popular alternative to excavation that’s appealing to homeowners, business owners, and contractors alike. Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions offers all the pipe bursting equipment and supplies necessary for trenchless work. Below, we focus on just what pipeline rehabilitation entails.

Doing an Initial Inspection

Because non-water-carrying pipes aren’t pressurized, the only way to clearly tell what’s going on inside is with a video inspection. This is also done to determine the extent and location of the problem, and whether or not trenchless solutions are advisable. In some cases, underground pipe locating equipment may also be needed if sewer line locations aren’t known.

Creating an Access Point

Pipeline rehabilitation is typically done through an existing access point called a cleanout. If one of these entry points doesn’t already exist, however, equipment will be needed to create an appropriately sized access point. Additional digging may be required for some rehabilitation methods. This can often be done with specially designed equipment that minimizes surface disruptions.

Restoring Pipes Internally

If pipeline rehabilitation involves pipe lining, a liner is what’s needed to complete this type of work. The liner is an inflatable tube that fits into the existing pipe so an internal coating can be applied. Once the liner cures or hardens, a smooth surface is left behind.

Breaking Up the Old Pipe

Pipe bursting supplies or equipment that includes pneumatic or lateral bursting systems and bursting heads is what’s needed if pipe bursting is the preferred rehabilitation process. It’s a process that involves breaking up the existing pipe and inserting a new one within the old pipe’s pathway.

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Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions is your trusted source for pipe lining and pipe bursting materials, supplies, and equipment. We offer a wide range of options from reliable manufacturers.

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