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With so many different kinds of pneumatic piercing tools to consider, it’s easy to lose sight of the metrics that really matter. A well-rounded piercing tool system should have several key features and functionality to provide an acceptable range of performance.

Strong and Resistant Materials

Good tools are made out of good materials. That’s why our pneumatic underground piercing tools are made with high-quality alloys, metals, and components that can endure heat and pressure. Soil has many types of caustic compounds and moisture content, so materials used in tools need to be resistant to corrosion, high pressures, and extreme temperature changes.

Easy to Deploy and Repack

Effective tool systems should be easy to deploy and repack. Shaving even a few minutes off of these processes can turn into hours of manpower conserved over the course of a year. High-quality systems, like Hudco pneumatic piercing tools, are also designed to minimize operating space. This makes it easier for plumbers to finish preparations and deploy their tools as quickly as possible.

Precision and Efficiency

Precision in application and efficiency of operation are also key features of any well-rounded piercing tool. Grundomat pneumatic piercing tools are a great example of this thanks to their guided horizontal boring capabilities and adjustable mechanisms. These features create a more responsive design that gives service providers more control over the fine details of the operation.

Choosing the right tools for your team doesn’t have to be a confusing or costly undertaking. You can find a wide range of piercing tool systems and other powerful trenchless solutions at Pow-R Mole. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to learn more.


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