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When you need reliable pneumatic piercing tools, you can’t go wrong with Allied products. For more than 40 years, Allied piercing tools have provided countless plumbing contractors with accurate and precise piercing capabilities. At Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, we proudly offer the full range of Allied products and a team of customer care agents ready to help you choose the right tools for your next project.

Wide Capability

Your crew may need to work on a conduit bore for an industrial facility one day and on a gas line bore for a residential property or small business the next day. Allied’s pneumatic piercers allow you to do all this and more. Their fierce capabilities even facilitate boring under multi-lane roadways, bridges, and large parking lots.

Adaptable to All Worksites

Much like our Grundomat pneumatic piercing tools, Allied products work on nearly any worksite where your crew needs to install conduits or pipelines. These tools work on small residential properties with hardscaping and landscaping features the owners want to preserve. They also work on expansive commercial, industrial, and municipal properties. If you have a project on an environmentally sensitive piece of land, the Allied tools make it easy to complete the work without causing damage.

Ease of Use

In many cases, your crew must work in tough weather or environmental conditions. Allied pneumatic underground piercing tools only need one or two people to pierce through the soil and install conduit or pipe. Allied tools feature a patented quarter-turn reverse mechanism, allowing it to quickly return to the deployment location. Allied’s ergonomic yet rugged designs promote longevity and durability.

For more information about Allied, Grundomat, or Hudco pneumatic piercing tools or for specific product recommendations for your upcoming project, reach out to us at Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions!


Great rentals, excellent service and staff. Very satisfied in my many experiences with them.

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Quality trenchless equipment and support staff that is always willing to help! Nothing better!

Jeffrey Zanet

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