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Trenchless pipe and sewer repair techniques are a highly efficient and effective approach to sewer and drain system restoration. As opposed to previous and traditional means that depend on large-scale or hit-and-miss area excavation, trenchless technologies and equipment make the restoration process much simpler and more precise.

How Trenchless Restoration Works

A key differentiator is our trenchless equipment, which can manipulate and restore and repair pipes from one or two pipe-access locations.

The techniques employed include pipe lining, which uses an epoxy liner to restore a drain’s interior, pipe bursting, which breaks away heavily-deteriorated pipes and pulls through a completely new pipe line, or interior coating with grout or epoxy, which pinpoints leaks, cracks, or misaligned joints with the aid of camera inspection and carries out local restorations.

Types of Trenchless Restoration Equipment

Pow-R Mole is a top provider and specialist in trenchless products and supplies for any restoration project. Our industry experience has allowed us to boost productivity and efficiency for plumbers, contractors, and developers alike. We offer top-quality equipment and supplies for:

  • Pipe bursting – Pow-R Mole pipe bursting machinery effectively pushes seriously degraded pipes into the surrounding soil and inserts a new replacement pipe. Many of our units will disassemble and reassemble for various applications.
  • Ground piercing – We provide a wide range of powerful pneumatic tools for piercing, also known as hole hogs, moles, or horizontal jackhammers, including reciprocating and fixed-head options.
  • Directional thrust boring – Our directional thrust boring machinery will suit a range of project scales and permit expert trenchless rehabilitation, such as CIPP pipe lining. Pow-R Mole devices are well adapted to most compressible soils.
  • HDD tooling – Our HDD tools, or horizontal directional drilling equipment, guidance systems, accessories, and drilling fluids, are highly useful for installing cables, pipes, or conduits along slight grades or curves with larger-diameter pipes over distances. We offer the PD-2, PD-4, and PD-6 drilling tools.
  • Service line replacement – Our Pow-R Mole service line replacement machinery makes replacing lines an exercise in efficiency. Contact our knowledgeable and friendly staff to find the right trenchless products and equipment for your needs.

Contact Our Specialists for All Your Trenchless NeedsPow-R Mole has been a manufacturer of trenchless equipment for more than 60 years. Whatever your needs, whether it’s equipment, products, materials, or trenchless supplies, we’ve got you covered. Our customer support is second-to-none and our prices fair. Contact our team of experts to learn more.


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