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Many projects require boring at a location with rough terrain or otherwise difficult access. When the worksite is incompatible with bringing in heavy or large machinery, the Mighty Max 12 auger boring machine is a viable option as it offers potent power in a petite package.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of the Mighty Max 12 trenchless equipment from Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions.

Power and Speed

The faster you complete the project, the higher your client satisfaction rate. The Mighty Max 12 features a Danfoss motor. These motors offer reliability and durability even under extreme conditions. The motor delivers up to 80 RPM at 18 to 28 GPM. With 25,000 pounds of thrust and 2,500 PSI of pressure, it can easily push through any underground obstacle.

Rugged Design

Whether your crew must traverse a rocky field or a pitted construction site, the Mighty Max 12 withstands all sorts of harsh conditions. Its coated steel design prevents rust and corrosion. Four leg strips on these trenchless products ensure stability, and the spring-centered control valves provide excellent handling on uneven surfaces.

Range of Accessories

Each project and job site has its own challenges, and the trenchless technologies featured in the Mighty Max 12 respond to those challenges with ease. A three-foot extension track length boosts adaptability. The four- to 12-inch casing diameter allows you to create bores for different applications. Expand its flexibility with additional track extensions and casings.

When you need a portable yet powerful boring machine to pair with your other trenchless materials and supplies, you can’t go wrong with the Mighty Max 12. Its simplified controls, durable design, and ease of setup make it ideal for use in a wide range of environmental conditions and applications. For additional product specifications or information about the Mighty Max 12, get in touch with us at Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions any time!


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