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If you’re considering adding trenchless repairs to your list of services, it’s important to know about the facts of how it works. Trenchless solutions restore residential, commercial, and industrial sewer laterals.

If you’re considering offering this service, keep in mind these top facts about trenchless repair technology offered by Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions.

No Excavation Required

Trenchless repair technology doesn’t require the excavation of long ditches. The excavation process of sewer repairs is costly, time-consuming, messy, and oftentimes dangerous. Only one access pit is required for a trenchless repair. You won’t have to invest in excavators, and the time you save can be spent serving the next customer who needs your help.

Safe for People and the Environment

Trenchless technology is inert. The liners won’t degrade when exposed to acidic, alkaline, greasy, or abrasive materials. They can withstand heat and extreme cold. Trenchless equipment has a small footprint, and performing these repairs doesn’t require the removal of landscaping or hardscaping. With no excavation required, trenchless repairs are safe for your crew–even under extreme weather and field conditions.

Results Last for Decades

Many customers of plumbing companies are often shocked to learn that trenchless materials have a lifespan of at least 50 years. The repair you make to their sewer lateral will be the only sewer line rehabilitation they’ll ever need while they own the home.

Works on All Pipe Types

Some pipe repair methods only work on PVC or another specific type of pipe. Trenchless repair technology works on all of them. It doesn’t matter whether your customers have PVC, clay tile, concrete, or cast iron pipes. Our tried-and-true tools and materials are adaptable to all pipe types.

Trenchless products offer value, reliability, and speed when it counts. Contact us today to learn more about Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions’ trenchless pipe materials and equipment!


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