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Having the right equipment to ensure accuracy, precision, and speed are all essential when you are asked to do a lot of horizontal directional drilling. At Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, we proudly offer the Falcon F1 directional boring product. Its ease of use, high-tech features, and portability make it a top choice for plumbing contractors.

Easy to Use

The Falcon F1 horizontal directional drilling tools are designed to be entry-level products. Your new technicians will have an easy time learning how to use them. The setup only takes a few minutes. The tool itself is portable and comes in its own carrying case for protection against moisture, wind, dirt, and debris.

Faster Results

The purpose of the Falcon F1 is to filter out frequencies where interference causes problems with your ability to visualize underground obstacles for a horizontal bore. With the Falcon F1 horizontal directional drilling equipment, you’ll be able to complete projects in a shorter span thanks to the tool’s ability to automatically remove frequencies with too much interference. Its wide range of frequency scanning makes it easy to use in any location or environment.

Accuracy and Precision

With the Falcon F1 system and LCD transmitter, you’ll get accurate grade and pitch information within 0.1%. Depth ratings are accurate within +/- 5%. This level of accuracy allows you to create precise short and shallow bores with your HDD thrusting equipment. You’ll only have to make one attempt at the bore, which saves time and facilitates a smooth project.

Having the right HDD equipment makes all the difference in your company’s productivity and customer satisfaction ratings. You can count on Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions to supply you with the best products for every project.

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