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Pipe bursting is a cost-effective way to replace a pipe without traditional excavation. It completely breaks the damaged pipe and inserts a new one in its place with only a limited number of access points. If you’ve come to Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions for pipe bursting equipment because you offer this trenchless solution to your customers, the top pipe bursting equipment you’ll need include:

Hydraulic Power Source

This is an essential piece of pipe bursting equipment that provides power for the bursting tool used to break up the existing pipe. The specific type of power source you’ll need will depend on the type of bursting system you prefer. The energy produced also provides the force needed to temporarily expand the cavity’s diameter so the new pipe can be fed into the space.

Expander Head

The expander head fractures the pipe as the replacement pipe is pulled through during this process. Expander heads come in various sizes based on the diameter of the pipe that’s being broken up and replaced.

Pulling Machine and Pulling Rods

The front end of the pipe is connected to a pulling rod. It’s a strong cable that helps with the insertion of the new pipe and bursting head. A pulling machine is used to pull the rod from the receiving pit. These pipe bursting supplies make the entire process easier and more efficient.

Retaining Device

The retaining device is what the bursting head is pulled through. It also goes through the debris generated during the task of breaking up the old pipe. The retaining device helps create the temporary cavity that the new pipe will be pulled into.

For top-quality pipe bursting materials and supplies, look no further than Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions. Browse our wide selection of durable and highly adaptable equipment, supplies, and materials. Contact us today for enquiries.


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