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Pneumatic piercing equipment often represents a significant investment for a plumbing or construction business, and it’s in every company’s best interests to properly maintain its valuable tools for long-term usage. The team here at Pow-R Mole offers the following guidance on keeping your Hudco or Grundomat pneumatic piercing tools in good working order at all times.

Clean Regularly

As the name suggests, pneumatic underground piercing tools are generally deployed in locations that are dirty, wet, or muddy. After use, the equipment should be completely disassembled, and each component should be cleaned prior to storage so that dirt doesn’t build up and interfere with the device’s operation.

Store Safely

Like most mechanical devices, pneumatic piercing equipment must be stored with care to prevent unnecessary contact with other tools and equipment. Abrasion and other damage can occur if the equipment is placed where it can rub or slam against hard surfaces while being transported or stored. The equipment should also be stored in a location that’s free from dirt, dust, and moisture.

Lubricate and Sharpen

Some pneumatic piercing devices have multiple moving parts that require frequent lubrication to promote smooth operation and prevent breakdown. Blades and cutting edges should be inspected before use and prior to storage and should be sharpened as needed for optimal performance.

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