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Power without precision eventually causes problems. That’s why Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions designs directional thrust boring equipment that responds intuitively to control input. We also know that one size rarely fits all, especially in the world of trenchless sewers. Our guidance systems are suited to a variety of tools. This includes models that minimize landscaping damage, like the PD-2, as well as those that pack a bigger punch, like the PD-6.

Features That Matter

There are all kinds of features that directional thrust boring tools can have, but not all of them really help customers. We care about your ability to serve clients effectively and efficiently, which is why our systems only include select features that offer tangible value.

Real-Time Response

No one likes waiting for load times. Fortunately, our boring guidance systems are responsive and yield information in real-time. This gives technicians the precision capability they need to make adjustments of a fraction of an inch.

Reliable Connection

The transmitter and receiver components can communicate reliably from hundreds of feet apart. This minimizes the chance of disruptions, delays, and adjustments during the boring process.

Reader-Friendly Readouts

We design the displays on our directional thrust boring guidance tools to be both durable and legible. This includes pitch in either degrees or percentages, a simple depth monitor, and an orientation display.

Never Bore Blind Again

It’s absolutely essential for trenchless service providers to stay in control of their boring system while they are on the job. That’s why there’s no good reason to take chances when it comes to the quality of your guidance system.

Guidance equipment by Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions means trenchless providers never need to bore blind again. We design our systems to meet the mutual goals of rugged design, reliable function, and flexible features. The unique combination of these priorities is what gives our tools their unique character. Contact our team today for more details!


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