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Purchasing trenchless equipment requires a considerable investment. You’ll want all the specifications and product details available before you place an order. At Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, we understand this well and offer this quick list of things to consider when choosing new trenchless supplies and equipment for your company.

What You Do

Review your recent service requests from residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial clients. It may help to make a table of which types of pipe repair and replacement requests you get, how many, and when you received them. It might not make sense to invest in supplies you’d only use once every year or two. However, if you want to expand your range of services, you might look at service requests you turned down because you didn’t have the right supplies or equipment.

Current Equipment Condition and Quantity

If your current trenchless products are close to the end of their lifespan, purchasing replacements now prevents a reduction in your capacity later. If your crew needs more of a certain type of supply or tool for trenchless pipe rehabilitation, purchasing additional quantities allows you to cut customer wait times and serve more clients.

Return on Investment and Your Budget

New trenchless materials and equipment offer adaptability and flexibility. This enhances their return on investment. Also consider the equipment’s warranty, ease of operation, and whether or not it will allow you to reduce customer disruptions, complete repairs in less time, or offer your customers more rehabilitation options than you currently offer.

Trenchless pipe rehabilitation allows you to expand your services and customer base. The right equipment and supplies make all the difference in your efficiency, effectiveness, safety, and performance. Remember these tips on what to consider when choosing trenchless technologies for your business.

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