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When your clients require moling or boring, you need to have the right tools for the job. Pneumatic piercing tools manufactured by Grundomat feature durability, ergonomic design, and high target accuracy. At Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, we offer these cost-effective and reliable tools as well as product support and guidance to ensure your success on every project.

Compatible With Multiple Pipe Materials

With just one Grundomat tool, you can install many different types of pipes in any displaceable soil. The Grundomat equipment works with pipes constructed from steel, copper, and multiple types of plastic. Its rotating chisel head facilitates fast movement without heating the pipe it pulls into place.

Multiple Applications

Pneumatic underground piercing tools manufactured by Grundomat allow you to expand your range of services. Use them for 25-meter house connections to fiber optic, gas, water, or sewer lines. They also work for undercrossings when you need to install pipe or conduit below railroad lines, streets, buildings, or landscaped areas. Grundomat tools also allow you to set vertical pilings for signs and piers for foundations.

Two-stroke Technology

Grundomat pneumatic piercing tools use two-stroke movement. This feature minimizes friction and separates friction from resistance. The two-stroke movement allows the Grundomat tools to swiftly pierce through stony soil without going off-target or causing any damage to the equipment. By minimizing friction, the Grundomat design reduces maintenance requirements and saves your crew many hours of setup and cleanup time.

When your applications require durable tools with accurate and precise technology, you can’t go wrong with Grundomat or Hudco pneumatic piercing tools. We bring the best tools of the trade to you so that you can deliver excellent customer service and grow your business. For more information about our pneumatic tools for piercing, contact us today at Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions.


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