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Whether you’re interested in adding trenchless repair and replacement to your existing menu of sewer services or you’re seeking to update your current equipment stock with new technology, we here at Pow-R Mole are standing by to help. We believe that the trenchless equipment we supply delivers many benefits for our clients and the people that they serve, including environmental sustainability, and we hope that you’ll take a closer look at all we have to offer.

Less Excavation

Excavation work is one of the most environmentally damaging aspects of any construction or utility project. Modern trenchless technology allows many sewer repair and replacement tasks to be handled with little to no excavation. This helps to avert the loss of precious topsoil and the potential ecological damage that may ensue.

Protection of Ground and Surface Water

Making repairs to a subsurface pipe that has become damaged prevents contaminated sewage from leaking into critical ground and surface water sources. Our trenchless supplies allow trained plumbing experts to carry out a wide range of necessary repairs to compromised piping quickly and easily.

Reduced Fuel Demands

The trenchless materials that are employed on sewer repair projects generally require far less effort to transport than traditional repair equipment. Use of excavators and heavy machinery is limited, and fewer personnel are needed to handle the work. All of these aspects contribute to savings of time, money and fuel.

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If you have questions about a specific piece of equipment or about our available trenchless products in general, the team at Pow-R Mole has answers. We’ll gladly provide detailed specifications or a personalized quote for the equipment and supplies that you need, so don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information today.


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