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Trenchless pipeline and drain system restoration is a current method that significantly improves the time and costs involved in traditional site excavation. Trenchless techniques require far less machinery, a smaller operating crew, and can effectively and accurately repair and replace pipelines from one or two access points.

Pow-R Mole is a veteran manufacturer and supplier of trenchless equipment and tools for a wide range of applications, including CIPP pipe lining, HDD tooling, and the pipe bursting replacement method.

Pipe Bursting Sewer Repair

Pipe bursting is a pipe replacement method for seriously degraded existing drain systems that won’t support pipe lining. A small crew creates two, low-impact access points and uses Pow-R Mole pipe bursting equipment at one end, including the PD-22, PD33m, or PD-7, to draw through a pipe bursting head from the other end using a cable.

The pipe bursting head assembly breaks away the deteriorated pipe into the surrounding earth while pulling in a new section of pipe to take its place. The process significantly extends the lifetime of your existing sewer system by installing a durable and corrosion-resistant new component.

Among its selection of pipe bursting supplies, Pow-R Mole also offers butt fusion welders, such as the Ram 14, which fuses pipe sections with pressure and heat.


Pipe bursting is a highly efficient method for replacing outdated or failing sewer, water, and gas lines. It uses no extra chemicals and offers one of the industry’s most sustainable solutions. The precision and economy of trenchless methods, such as pipe bursting, significantly reduce the time, disruption, and cost of traditional methods.

An Industry Authority

Pow-R Mole has more than six decades of experience as a leading manufacturer and supplier of pipe bursting materials and equipment. Our team prides itself on providing quality equipment and knowledgeable support. For more information, contact our experienced professionals today.


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