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Horizontal directional drilling allows your company to install pipes in areas where excavation is impractical or disallowed. At Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, we offer a wide range of horizontal directional drilling equipment for creating bores and performing installations of conduits, pipes, cables, and more.

Let’s explore the many benefits of horizontal directional drilling for you and your customers.

Less Environmental Disturbance

As a trenchless method of pipe and conduit installation, directional boring creates less environmental disturbance. The process protects sensitive areas, including wetlands, rivers, creeks, and more. No digging means no displacement of flora and fauna from the work area. Our equipment opens bores and places pipes in difficult-to-access places, including under interstates, bridges, and other critical infrastructure.

Minimal Disruption to Routine Activities

HDD thrusting equipment does not require digging. It maintains the integrity of your parking lot, sidewalk, and property. Our equipment features a small footprint, which allows you to maintain full access to your customer’s home or business. The process doesn’t require any traffic management, so you won’t have to arrange or pay for law enforcement on special duty to handle traffic flow in the work area. Our equipment operates quietly and won’t disturb sleep in residential areas.

Faster Installation

The horizontal directional drilling tools we offer allow you to perform a faster installation of pipes, cables, and conduits. The quick setup means that your crew can quickly get started with the drilling process. Our powerful equipment drills, bores, and deploys conduits or pipes at a rate of multiple feet per minute, depending on the size and type of material you install. Even on a large or complicated project, this means a faster project completion time.

For additional details about the benefits of horizontal directional drilling or to learn more about our HDD equipment, turn to Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions. Get in touch with our team today.


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