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Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions is the ideal destination for all the equipment you need for your trenchless projects. We have been providing impeccable service and high-quality equipment to numerous contractors and companies for over six decades. We take pride in our wide array of products, including our pneumatic piercing tools.

As the name suggests, pneumatic piercing tools are pneumatic-driven tools that are used to create holes underground. These tools are cheaper and safer compared to the electricity-powered ones.

There are a variety of pneumatic underground piercing tools, which we’ll be talking about here.

Hudco Pneumatic Piercing Tools

Hudco pneumatic piercing tools are known for their precision and overall efficiency for all underground piercing jobs. They provide horizontal bores under driveways since they can penetrate the toughest soils with ease, great power and precision like no other drilling tools. Many contactors prefer these tools because they are cheaper, high-performance and reliable compared to other tools.

Grundomat Pneumatic Piercing Tools

For over 45 years, Grundomat tools have been used for various multi-purpose trenchless needs. Grundomat pneumatic piercing tools are capable of piercing horizontal holes underground with advanced pneumatic technology. Grundomat pneumatic piercing tools can dig holes of 50 to 150 feet underground effortlessly and with the required precision. They are suitable for use in any soil, whether loamy, sandy, clay or even gravel.

Allied Piercing Tools

Allied piercing tools are often used to perform underground piercing to open clean, compacted, and self-contained tunnels to pass pipes, cables, and conduits. As pneumatic underground piercing tools, allied piercing tools are very easy to operate, and the threaded anvil with the replaceable end-cap allows room for switching in case another accessory should be used.

For the most reliable and cost-effective pneumatic piercing tools, contact Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions and get the best deals in the market. Their tools are proven and tested to be the best.


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