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There are plenty of compelling reasons why Pow-R Mole encourages our clients to develop good maintenance practices for their pneumatic piercing tools. It ensures the safety of all personnel, extends the life of the tools, and makes them more efficient on the job. Maintenance is only a headache if you don’t make the necessary preparations, so don’t wait to make a plan.

Read the Fine Print

Manuals, product sheets, and technical specifications aren’t the most exciting literature around, but they have the information you need. Be sure to consult all manufacturer instructions and product documentation for pneumatic underground piercing tools when developing a maintenance plan.

Keep it Clean

It’s easy to cut corners when it comes to cleaning tools. Even though quality-oriented equipment like Grundomat pneumatic piercing tools are engineered to withstand corrosive environments, you should still take the time to clean them. Allowing dirt or chemicals to rest on the material for long periods of time can cause them to work their way to more sensitive components and eventually decrease operating efficiency.

Smart Storage

You should also be mindful of how you store their pneumatic piercing tools. While this kind of equipment is pretty rugged, it should still be kept in a stable environment under controlled temperatures for long-term storage. This also applies to any chemicals, supplies, and accessories related to the equipment.

Learn More and Plan Ahead

A little bit of preparation now can prevent a lot of problems later. This is true for maintaining pneumatic piercing tools as well as any other kind of equipment. If you have a tool that’s worth using on a regular basis, then it’s worth investing the time and attention into maintaining it.

Pow-R Mole is proud to provide several exceptional product lines, including Grundomat and Hudco pneumatic piercing tools, as well as information on their proper use. If you have any questions about the proper usage or maintenance of any of the trenchless equipment we currently offer, please reach out to us today!


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