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When you need to place cable, wiring, or pipes along an incline, curve, or grade, horizontal drilling is the optimal solution. Also called HDD, this process delivers many advantages compared with traditional excavating, cutting, clearing, and covering for these installations. Whether you’re an established plumbing or contracting business owner who wants to offer more services or you’re just getting started and want to offer a wide range of solutions, here are the basics of the process and horizontal directional drilling equipment.

Horizontal Boring Versus HDD

Horizontal boring makes use of small drilling rigs. It’s used for small-diameter pipes and distances of a few hundred feet or less. HDD is for large pipes, and it uses heavy-duty, high-capacity HDD equipment. Use it for longer distances of hundreds to thousands of feet.

Compatible Materials

HDD thrusting equipment can be used to install, repair or replace PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, steel, and iron pipes, and conduit. The equipment works with different sizes of boring heads, and hydraulic pumps power the machinery. Analog and digital directional controls facilitate accurate and precise drilling.

Drilling Process

The horizontal directional drilling tools enter the work area through a small access point or an established sewer, manhole, or pit. The first stage involves creating a small pilot bore hole for the horizontal distance where pipe or conduit will be installed. Next, a larger boring head creates the right diameter for the size of the pipe. Finally, a pulling head inserts the new pipe through the hole. We have equipment that combines the boring and thrusting processes, so the installation is fast.

At Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, we are the leading provider of equipment for horizontal directional drilling. Our equipment is precision-engineered, reliable, and made to last. For more information about our products or the HDD process, reach out to us today.


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