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The reason our horizontal directional drilling tools last a long time is that we focus on the essentials: strong materials, innovative design, and rigorous testing. Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions offers a curated selection of products that have been designed for specific trenchless applications and tested to ensure they offer real practical value to operators. We understand what plumbers need, which is the most valuable asset of all.

Naturally Efficient and Elegant Design

Elegant may seem like an odd word to use for HDD thrusting equipment, but it basically describes any kind of system design that integrates all of its parts and operations in a stable, efficient, and simple manner. The fewer repetitions or less time the equipment needs to accomplish the task, the less wear and tear it experiences as part of normal operations. All of our tools are designed to be efficient, effective, and elegant.

Backed By Warranty

All genuine equipment we manufacture is backed by a warranty against potential failures due to manufacturing or material defects. We strongly believe in the integrity of our products and want to share this confidence with our clients. Please contact us to learn more about warranties or guarantees regarding any specific items, like horizontal directional drilling equipment.

Quality-Controlled Production Process

We can only be confident in the quality of our HDD equipment because we care about every step of the production process. Investing in streamlined process development, excellent materials, and sound quality testing practices can make a huge difference in performance out in the field.

Whether you’re looking for pipe rehabilitation supplies, leak detection equipment, or directional boring tools, Pow-R Mole has got what you need. Contact us today and learn more about our products and how we help you get long-lasting value out of all of them!


Great rentals, excellent service and staff. Very satisfied in my many experiences with them.

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Quality trenchless equipment and support staff that is always willing to help! Nothing better!

Jeffrey Zanet

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