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Horizontal directional drilling allows your crew to launch a rig on the surface and install underground conduits or pipes. It’s quickly becoming the standard for installing pipes and conduits in areas with a multitude of obstacles.

With reliable horizontal directional drilling tools from Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, you’ll quickly realize why this process is a popular method of pipe and conduit installation.

Reach Inaccessible Underground Areas

Driveways, foundations, roads, and sidewalks can make conduit and pipe installations a challenge. With horizontal directional drilling, you can maneuver around and under all of these obstacles without compromising the quality of the work.

Install Pipes Over Long Distances

Some customers require long conduit or pipe installations. This would take a long time to do with a traditional installation method that involves digging. HDD equipment allows you to quickly install pipes or conduits over hundreds of feet.

Minimize Environmental Disruptions

Our HDD thrusting equipment has a small footprint. It deploys from the surface through a small opening, and it exits through a similarly small opening. No landscaping, hardscaping, or structures are inadvertently damaged. No trees or other vegetation will be harmed. There’s no risk of runoff, leaking, or volatile organic compound infiltration into water, soil, or air.

Keep Workers Safe

Excavating large trenches for the installation of pipes and conduits is a risky endeavor. Mudslides, high water tables, and slippery surfaces may put workers at risk. Directional boring keeps your crew safe because no long ditches or large pits are required.

When you need a speedy, cost-effective, and reliable method for installing conduits or pipes, you can count on horizontal directional drilling. Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions offers the tools and supplies that help you get the job done right each time.

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