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One of the most common reasons why residential or commercial customers contact a plumbing company is for leaks. Offering leak detection services allows you to provide exemplary customer care. Prompt and thorough leak detection protects your client’s property and reduces the risk of environmental contamination.

Check out the reliable trenchless equipment for leak detection offered by Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions.

Sebalog N3 Network Logger

When a network of pipes springs a leak, you need trustworthy trenchless products to find the leak and fix it. The Sebalog N3 Network Logger features acoustic zone monitoring technology. It tracks the location, speed, and direction of the leak and sends that information to your computer. You benefit from real-time measurements and the system’s capacity for remote data transmission.

HL7000 Pinpointing and Ground Mic Unit

With the HL7000, you can pick up the audio frequency of a leak and see a visual representation of where the underground leak is located. The ground mic offers excellent sensitivity and specificity to water leaks. This product’s built-in Bluetooth, with integrated GPS, allows it to transmit accurate leak location information to your field team. It perfectly pairs with other trenchless supplies, including pulling units and pumps for pipe rehabilitation.

Correlux C3 Correlator

You can accurately detect leaks in water lines with the Correlux C3 Correlator. This unit calculates the exact distance to the leak from the sensor. It includes a microphone and hydrophone for use on the ground and pipes. The product comes in a case with a built-in battery charging system for convenience.
At Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, our accurate and precise tools for leak detection help you provide excellent customer service. We’ve designed leak detection and other trenchless technologies to increase your productivity and expand your range of services. For additional details about leak detection equipment, contact us today.


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