Pipe Bursting: An Efficient Process With The Right Tools

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When your customer’s pipe seems beyond repair, turn to Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions for efficient pipe bursting equipment. Pipe bursting allows you to save time and money, and you can pass those savings on to your customers. With the right tools for the job, your contractors accomplish more projects and serve more clients in less time.

Increase Your Productivity

Most contractors get more service requests than they can easily handle. If your customers are waiting days for a callback and weeks to get on your schedule, they may look elsewhere. Instead of turning customers away or getting abandoned because of your long wait times, investing in the right tools will help you increase your productivity. Our efficient pipe bursting equipment decreases the wait time for your customers and helps you grow your business.

Less Downtime in the Field

Once your crew arrives at the job site, you want them to start working. The right tools offer a quick and simple setup process. Ideal materials also offer an easy setup. Our equipment connects to a variety of power sources, so your crew won’t have to scramble for long extension cords or find the right pump. Less downtime in the field also means that your crew can move on to the next project and continue building trust with your customers.

Bursting Done Right the First Time

When performing a pipe bursting project, you need equipment with a high level of accuracy and precision. Our equipment never goes off course when bursting the old pipe and pulling the new one into place. We conduct thorough testing of the steering and geo-location features of our pipe bursting materials and equipment, so you only have to do the job once.

To learn more about our pipe bursting supplies and equipment, get in touch with us at Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions.


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