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When you serve residential and light commercial customers in need of pipe replacement, investing in quality pipe bursting equipment and materials helps you increase productivity and profitability. By avoiding time-consuming, messy, and pricey trenching techniques, you also save your customers time and money and reduce disruption to their property and activities. At Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, we recommend the PD-22 for nearly all residential and light commercial pipe bursting needs.

Split Multiple Materials

With the PD-22 and its coordinating pipe bursting supplies, your crew can split copper, lead, and plastic pipes up to two inches in diameter. This accounts for nearly all residential water lines as well as conduits and other pipes. The PD-22’s pulling force of 14,000 pounds per square inch delivers the power you need for splitting dense materials and simultaneously installing the new pipeline.

Swiftly Replace Pipes

The PD-22 moves at a rate of six feet per minute at maximum capacity. For most residential and light commercial applications, this means a working time of fewer than 30 minutes. Minimizing restoration time results in higher customer satisfaction and improved productivity.

Works Efficiently in Tough Conditions

The PD-22 works in most compressible soils. Even if the location features a high water table or recent precipitation has fully saturated the soil, the PD-22 easily pushes through. It handles clay, loam, peat, and sandy soils with occasional stones, tree roots, and other materials.

With the right pipe bursting materials and supplies, your crew can accomplish more and expand your base of customers. We offer product guidance, support, and training to ensure that your team makes the most out of your new PD-22. For more information or to place an order for any of our pipe bursting systems, reach out to us at Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions today!


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