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When you do a lot of trenchless repairs, installations, or underground utility placement, there’ll be times when you can’t excavate the entire area. When sidewalks, roads, driveways, and other obstacles are in the way of excavation, you’ll benefit from our directional thrust boring equipment. We offer the Falcon F1, F2, and F5 guidance systems. 

At Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, our guidance systems for directional thrust borers provide unparalleled precision when you need it the most.

Digital Steering

We offer two types of thrust boring guidance systems. The digital system is available on our PD-4 and PD-6 models of directional thrust boring products. It features target-in-the-box locating, a clock interface for the head’s direction, and single-button depth readings. You can choose the data view and get real-time details about the roll and pitch, roll offset, rotation, and grade changes. This makes it easier to adjust the boring head before it encounters tougher conditions or an obstacle.

Analog Steering

You can also select an analog thrust boring guidance system for our directional boring equipment. The PD-2, PD-4, and PD-6 are all compatible with the analog option. The analog guidance system costs less than the digital system, and it’s accurate to within a couple of inches. You’ll get the specifics about the orientation, depth, and location of the boring head. The receiver and transmitter system handles the analog signals. With the analog guidance system, you’ll easily steer around pipes, utility lines, foundations, manholes, and a variety of other obstacles.

Our thrust boring guidance systems help all of your underground trenchless repairs and installations go smoothly. Their precision steering, intuitive interface, and easy navigation make them an optimal choice for any project. For more information about our directional thrust boring tools and guidance systems, get in touch with us at Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions today.


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