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At times, the only way to fix a problem is to combat it head-on. Here at Pow-R Mole, our pipe bursting equipment provides clients with the supplies needed to fix any job. Pipe bursting is an effective method used to repair severely damaged sewer, water, and gas lines. This trenchless technique has been deemed safer and more efficient than older digging replacement options.

Here is a quick look at our range of pipe bursting supplies:

PD-22 – This pipe bursting machine is best used when splitting plastic, lead, and copper pipes up to 2 inches. This power machine can be used in most compressible soil. It combines a 12-inch stroke and 14,000 lbs of pulling force. Pow-R Mole model PD-22 is a cost-effective piece of equipment that can be used instead of an open trench method.

PD-33m – Looking to replace an existing underground pipe? The PD-33m model was designed to replace underground pipe 2-6 inches in diameter and is a great alternative to an open-cut excavation. No matter the location, this machine can fit in tight spots while packing a big 60,000 lb pull force.

PD-7 – This model was designed for the toughest jobs. With an ability to work through the toughest soil, the PD-7 can also break through cast iron, concrete, asbestos cement, and more. It was designed to be used when installing under roads or other areas that can not be dug up. Although this machine is our most powerful pipe bursting equipment, it can still fit in a very limited work area.

Looking for equipment for some of the toughest jobs? Here at Pow-R Mole, we have you covered. Our range of trenchless solutions will provide all the pipe bursting materials and supplies needed to guarantee successful results. Get in touch with Pow-R Mole today for a quote.


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